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Mr Apthorp’s dedication to hip replacements and his focus on safer surgery and quick recovery has resulted in excellent results for thousands of patients just like you.

A record that speaks for itself 

Mr Apthorp’s results are outstanding, and there’s no better proof than seeing the figures for yourself. 

The National Joint Registry is a national independent outcome database that provides information about the outcomes of both surgeons and implants and lets you compare the results of surgeons in any given field. The graphs below show how Mr Apthorp’s performance measures up to other surgeons across the UK when it comes to revision rates, patient outcomes, success and satisfaction. 

Any surgeon should be able to provide you with their figures if you ask.

Revision rates

On this graph, Mr Apthorp’s results over the past four years are represented by the larger dots. The light blue dots are the results of his peers.

The positioning of these larger dots illustrates the sheer volume of procedures carried out by Mr Apthorp – far more than anyone else.

The middle line is the average expected failure rate for the number of procedures carried out. Those above the line have poorer results, those below better.

As you can see, Mr Apthorp consistently outperforms both expectations and his peers, with much lower revision rates that continue to fall year on year.

Patient outcomes

HA outcomes chart

With a focus on quality and outcomes, this second graph illustrates that, once again, Mr Apthorp exceeds expectations, with significantly lower mortality and revision rates across the board.

When looking at these figures, it’s important to bear in mind that hip replacements are normally extremely successful procedures, with very low failure rates.

Success and satisfaction

HA Success

This last graph, shows PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measure) responses. This is how the patients themselves feel the surgery has gone.

Stacking the results side by side, the results are clear. Mr Apthorp’s patients report far more success and higher satisfaction levels than the UK average, with 98% of his patients reporting a good or excellent outcome.

One reason why Mr Apthorp’s word-of-mouth referral numbers are so high.

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